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Primary Athletics proving a huge success!

Free athletics as part of a Midlothian Sports Development

Athletics 2018

1,200 local primary aged kids will receive four weeks of free athletics as part of a Midlothian Sports Development initiative in partnership with Active Schools and Scottish Athletics. The programme which targets young children aged 6-8years old is being delivered during curriculum time by Community Coaches Craig Morton & Niamh Fellenger between November 2018-March 2019 with every child receiving three and a half hours of fundamental movements training. On top of this all schools/teachers are taking away free athletics training resources as part of the programme.

Sports Development Officer, Paul Greig said, “This initiative has proven a great success in the schools so far and we are excited to offer to all schools that expressed an interest in the programme. Our aim is to provide a fun, lively and inclusive learning environment for our young people to be active and enjoy their physical activity. This fundamental movements programme is a fantastic way for us to work with schools and teachers on various ways to keep our children active through a variety of run, jump and throw sessions.”

The programme also acts as an introduction to athletics with further opportunities available for young people across Midlothian in the form of classes and clubs, if they wish to stay involved. Greig stated, “It is great to see a progressive athlete pathway that starts in the school and leads into the community and directly into the club”

If you want more information on Athletics please visit Scottish Athletics at; or Lasswade Athletics Club at:


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