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Penicuik is a great place to be involved in physical activity and sport with outstanding facilities and strong community support. Active Schools Penicuik offers a wide variety of sport and physical activity opportunities for children in the area.

Active Schools Penicuik run an extra curriculum programme every term and all pupils receive a copy of this at the start of each term.  Children have the opportunity to participate in mainstream sports such as football, rugby and hockey as well as karate, dance, judo, tennis, hockey, table tennis, gymnastics, athletics, cricket and more – there’s something for everyone!  We also have an annual events programme which allows school teams to compete against each other.

Penicuik High School provides a wide variety of sports and activities before, during and after school.  We are situated next to Penicuik Centre and share these community facilities.  We have a large games hall, gym hall, astro pitch, rugby pitch and access to a swimming pool, dance studio, fitness suite and spinning studio.

We have a fantastic extra curricular programme with activities such as fitness, volleyball, dance running before school, at lunchtime and after school.  We also have school teams in hockey, rugby, football, netball, basketball & volleyball – along with extra curricular training throughout the week for these clubs. We have very strong community links with clubs in the Penicuik area and Penicuik Community Sports Hub.  The variety of clubs on offer is testament to these strong links and the support from volunteers.

Beeslack Community High School is based in the beautiful grounds of a spacious 17.5 acre site, formerly part of the estate of Beeslack House.  This fantastic outdoor space lends itself to a variety of outdoor sports on offer at Beeslack including; Rugby, Football, Hockey and Cricket with Cycling becoming more and more accessible.  Indoor activities currently on offer consist of an excellent Dance programme, Fitness sessions, Dodgeball and more.

Beeslack Community High School provides excellent academic opportunities and is aiming to build on this foundation by increasing the number of physical activity opportunities on offer to ensure the Beeslack pupils experience participation, competition and learn the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Excellent links with Beeslack Community Education, local clubs and links to the Community Sports Hub ensure that pupils have the opportunity to continue their involvement in sport & physical activity out with the school setting encouraging a pathway to lifelong participation. 

We are always looking to expand our range of activities, and as such are keen to meet with new volunteers; coaches and clubs to ensure the pupils of our school can develop their skills, improve fitness and experience new activities.

Active Schools Coordinators:  Danny Simpson and Scott Montgomery



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