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Midlothian Physical Activity, Sport and Health Strategy 2018 - 2023

Midlothian Physical Activity Sport and Health Strategy 2018 - 2023


Welcome to the Physical Activity Strategy for Midlothian. The development of this strategy has been guided

by, and has clear links to the Scottish Governments vision of a More Active Scotland. The Active Scotland

Outcomes Framework (2014-2018) describes Scotland’s ambitions for a healthier more active nation

through increased participation in sport and physical activity. The framework aims to build a legacy from the

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.

The Active Scotland outcomes are realised by a number of other national plans and strategies including:


Our strategy is also influenced and guided by the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity:

A Global Call for Action which was launched in 2010. The Toronto Charter was a call to all countries to acknowledge that inactivity was a global epidemic and to urge them to make physical activity a priority.

The Midlothian Physical Activity, Sport and Health Strategy 2018-2023 is about encouraging everyone in Midlothian to be more active whether it is through work, play, sport, travel or leisure. The strategy will provide direction for the councils approach to raising awareness of the benefits of physical activity and encouraging the people and communities of Midlothian to be more active.

Our role is to raise awareness of the enormous health benefits that taking part in physical activity and sport

can offer individuals, families and communities and our vision is quite simply to get more people more active

more often in Midlothian.

Physical Activity, Sport & Health – A Way of Life in Midlothian by 2023

In order to achieve this we will need to further develop the strong partnership working that already exists. We will

also continue to engage with external agencies and interested community groups and individuals. By working together we will

achieve the following strategic goals:

  1. Work with schools and community groups to develop and support opportunities for lifelong participation in physical activity and sport for all.
  2. Increase the number of people of all ages participating in active travel, active recreation and sport.
  3. Develop facilities and the built and natural environment to encourage increased participation in physical activities.
  4. Grow and develop the physical activity and sport workforce.
  5. Raise the profile and public awareness of the importance of physical activity and opportunities to participate.
  6. Work with internal and external partners to increase participation in physical activity and sport.

Derek Milligan, Council leader,said: “As Leader of the Council I am very pleased to introduce this refreshed Physical Activity, Sport and Health Strategy for Midlothian. It is well documented that being more physically active can improve health and well-being and reduce the risk of illnesses such as coronary heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Midlothian Council recognises that being physically active is good for us irrespective of our age and this strategy has been developed to encourage the residents of Midlothian to become more active with a view to improving their health."

Tony Malone, sport & leisure services manager, added: "We are delighted to have worked with our partners and communities on the development of Midlothian’s Physical Activity Strategy. “We strive to ensure Physical Activity, Health, Healthy Living and sport is at the heart of society in Midlothian and Scotland and makes a lasting and positive impact on people and communities. The priorities set out in the strategy can help the people of Midlothian become more active more often and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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